Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Paris is a feeling

Work and the holidays have kept me away from blogging the last few weeks. It's been a fun time, and with the new year around the corner, a time for reflection and new aspirations begins. There's so much I'd like to blog about today, but sometimes pictures speak louder than words, don't you agree? So instead, I thought I'd share this beautiful image by Etsy seller IreneSuchocki. Do you hear what the image is saying? I do. That's exactly how I feel at this time!

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

That is an awesome picture! I totally agree with you on its capturing feelings of hope and contentment all at the same time. Is it actually a pic of Paris?


I know I have a blogspot account but can't seem to remember password and what not... doh! =)

This gal said...

It's me again... I got a new password and have my blog up and running again. Or I should say finally. Hope you all had a wonderful New Year! =)

Dio Selina said...

Hi Cristina,
This photographer has a lot of photos from Paris, and she titled this "Paris is a feeling" so I'm guessing, yes, it's Paris! =)
Thank you so much for following my blog! Hope you had a great New Year's celebration and that it's followed by lots of blessings and joy throughout the year!
Warmly, Dio