Thursday, August 5, 2010

A "Summer Nights Cookies & Milk" Birthday Party

We celebrated my daughters 6th birthday a couple of weeks ago. We kept the party small to ensure there was enough room for our guests to remain indoors and enjoy each others company in the cool AC. It's usually in the triple digits outside during this time of year, and I personally don't like going outdoors until the sun goes down. I'm sure I'm not the only one around here who feels this way.

Party Theme
We went with a "Summer Nights Cookies & Milk" theme. My daughter loves colors so I had to make sure the decorations were as lively as she is. I was so busy the day of the event that I didn't have a chance to take any pictures while the party was going on. However, I did manage to capture a few during setup, and I'll probably be shooting a few more in the next few days of all the cool things I made for the party.

Set up & Decor
We set up the tables to look like beds to tie-in with the theme. As guests arrived I gave them crayons and white bag to decorate. They would later use this bag to hold the candy they gather from the piñata.
I made hanging flowers that I hung from the ceiling on one side of the room. We had the ceiling fan on, which made them turn softly throughout the night.
I also made paper garland and paper pom-poms that we hung above the dessert table, outside in the patio, the living room and kitchen. It made the rooms look very festive!

Menu & Order of Events
We chose a menu that didn't involve much cooking or any outdoor grilling. Neither one of us wanted to grill out in the heat, that's for sure! So we served Taco Salads, Hot Dogs wrapped in bacon and Sloppy Joe's. We used my sister's indoor George Foreman Grillto cook the hot dogs, it didn't take much time and didn't warm up the kitchen - I love that thing! Gonna put it on my wish list. =)
After everyone ate, we went outside to break the piñata, followed by a hula-hoop contest that gave our guests a chance to win a cash prizes! When the winners were all paid up, we came inside to sing happy birthday while the birthday girl blew out the candles then we all enjoyed ice cream cupcakes (pictures and tutorial coming soon), cookies and milk.
The night ended with a splash, the kids went swimming for a while after their cookies and milk, and they all went home with a goody bag filled other bedtime snacks, such as ingredients to make your own s'mores, peanuts granola bars.

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