Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shopping for an 80's Kid

I think the Pac Man shoes I found the other day have me reminiscing about the 80's. Knowing that the holidays are just around the corner gave me a good excuse to search for a few 80's theme items to add to my holiday shopping list. I know there's others like me who'll appreciate some of these finds.

So what where your favorite TV shows back in the 80's? For me it was Growing Pains, Different Strokes and The Facts of Life.
I also loved cartoons! My favorite were He-Man, She-Ra, Smurfs and Heathcliff.

I remember in 4th grade when all the boys were into their Atari games. I was never into video games, I was more into the Madonna look and music.

Remember when we would listen to cassette tapes? Better yet, remember when we would make our mixed tapes with songs we'd record right off the radio or from one tape to another? Well, technology has now made them a thing of the past, but you can still have a cassette tape dispenser.

Then there was the Rubik's Cube. I was never able to solve that thing, in fact I think I even broke a few of them trying to solve them. They might not be a popular toy now, but you can still enjoy them in the form of salt and pepper dispensers.

Even though fashion has improved significantly since then, and I don't think I can now live without the technology that came with the new century (such as internet and cell phones), there will always be something special about the 80's. ~ Enjoy your holiday shopping!

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