Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vintage Key Red Moving Announcements

I recently added this new moving announcement design to the shop, featuring a vintage key that also forms the letter "e" in the word "moved."
I didn't want to create one that said "we moved," because single people tend to change their addresses too. Instead, I created an announcement that allows you to customize the first line to accommodate a family or individual by simply changing a few words, for example, we can say "The Carson's have" moved, or "Sheila Bailey has" moved.
The announcement also includes a line where you can include a short description about your new place or a short message. For example, maybe the Carson's moved "to another state!" or "across the street to bigger home," or maybe Sheila Bailey moved "to the dorms in NYU!" Whatever the case is, this bright red moving announcement is sure to express how much your love your new residence, while alerting your friends and family to update their address books with your new information.

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