Saturday, March 17, 2012

As I turn the pages that lead to a new chapter

Today I donated my complete collection of graphic design books, cook books and lots of graphic design and crafting magazines to my local public library. It's definitely a bittersweet experience. It feels good to donate and pass things on to someone who will appreciate and use them. Perhaps it wouldn't have such an impact on me if I wasn't getting rid of most of my belongings in such a short period of time. I'm okay with it, but it is a process. Not just a physical process, but an emotional process as well. I went through each and every single one of my HOW (graphic design) magazines before placing them in the donation box. I sighed. Some I was tempted to keep, but after contemplating the idea for a second or two, I came to my senses. When would I actually read them again? I remember how excited I would get when my subscription arrived in the mail, or each time I picked up a crafting magazine from the shelves at the store. I remember thinking "I need this!" Perhaps I did. I bought many of them before the Pinterest and blogging era, before inspiration was so abounding on the internet. I thought about all the money I invested in them, and what I could have done with that money instead. Regret? No, I didn't feel regret. They served their purpose. I did however feel, wiser. Wiser about how I choose to spend my money at this point in my life. Wiser about how I will choose to use my space from this point forward. I felt good about myself, for being able to let go, for having taken such great care of my books and magazines, to the point where they still look brand new. It put a smile on my face to think that someone else, perhaps a design student, or a paper crafting enthusiast like myself, would find these little treasures and be struck by inspiration from the images, articles and recipes found within their pages. Inspiration that will lead them to create, to enjoy the creation process, to further discover their capabilities, inspiration that will uncover dreams and the motivation to make those dreams come true. In fact, that's exactly what these books did for me. That's how Paisley In Paris™ was born.

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