Friday, May 4, 2012


Intuition is that inner voice, that “gut feeling” or answer that suddenly comes to mind. Some people are more alert to their intuition while others don’t even realize they have such a gift. I believe we all have it and that God and the universe speak to us through what we call a “gut feeling,” as well as through dreams and epiphanies. The more we quiet down our thoughts and meditate, the more in tune we become with ourselves, our surroundings, and the more answers and guidance we receive through intuition.
It is through meditation that I have learned to distinguish my own ideas from intuition. Ideas are generated through the thought process in your mind. Intuition on the other hand, can be identified by the quickness in which the answers or information is acquired. It’s almost as if a magic “rubber stamp” of information is impressed upon you, and suddenly you just “know” the answer because your receive the info at once, usually as quick sudden words that pop into your head or as a strong feeling about any given matter.
I haven’t had much time to meditate lately, but it is through previous meditation that I gained the strength and clarity that got me through the stress I endured in the past month. My husband and I recently shed 10 years worth of possessions in under 8 weeks. We sold, donated and gave away as much as possible keeping only the basics; our beds, clothes, shoes and a few of our electronic devices (iPods, computer, printer, etc.). Through this experience, I learned that I wasn’t too attached to anything because I know what is important in my life and stuff (material possessions) just isn’t it. The process was exhausting, though. Decluttering, moving and cleaning out the apartment on top of working full time, raising a child in grade school who still requires a lot of attention, and trying to maintain my workout schedule – it was all too much to cram in our routine-filled 24 hour days, but we did it. We went through an amicable separation. A life changing event like this is never easy. Even so, I just keep listening to that inner voice that fills me with peace and assurance that everything is going to be okay. It always is. No matter who you are, what you are experiencing, what plans have been broken, delayed or interrupted, one must learn to enjoy the journey through the unexpected bumps, turns and twists that eventually lead to growth. Embrace change and go with your gut feeling. The truth is, life is dynamic so don’t choose to learn life’s lessons the hard way. Don’t be stubborn, don’t ignore that gut feeling. Instead, slow down. Breathe. Listen to the silence within, declutter your mind, free your space from distractions and declutter your home. Allow yourself to become part of the stillness in the room. Out of the silence, peace will be born. Before you know it, at any given moment, a voice within, an idea or an epiphany will follow, guiding you in the right direction.
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