Monday, October 22, 2012

Mommy's Doodle Time

Ever since school started and my daughter entered the third grade, I've been running around after work taking her to art and karate classes, which has cut into my blogging and exercise schedule. I'm not happy that I have less time to blog or workout, but I've made the best out of my new routine and started "doodling" while I wait for my daughter to be done with her extra curricular activities. I'm really enjoying my doodle time, so much that sometimes I continue drawing when we get home. Like tonight for example, I created a total of five pieces, three of them which are shown in the image above. They're not the best, but they were fun to make and I made them all in under an hour. I'm getting faster at this and I love it!

One of my favorite creations so far is the one below, which I've used to create custom postage, note cards, "handmade by" labels, and other goodies available at my shop.

I have embraced the change in my routine and great things are happening. I am growing as an artist, transitioning from drawing on the computer to drawing with pens and markers. I love that every situation offers an opportunity for growth, and growing as an artist is one of those things that fuels my soul.

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