Monday, November 5, 2012

The day I became a fan of Dan Zanes

A few weeks ago I won tickets to the Dan Zanes concert at McCallum Theatre. I have to admit, I wasn't exactly thrilled about it and I even considered giving away the tickets. I just wasn't keen on the idea of going to a "kids" concert. Have you ever been to the Children's Museum? I have, and I hate it - ha! I don't hate the museum itself, I just get sooo anxious surrounded by so many kids, all the loud noise and nothing entertains me. It's not like a Disney movie that entertains both kids and parents alike, and why should it be? After all, it IS a children's museum. Well, I thought the concert would be pretty much like my dreaded museum experiences, but boy, was I wrong. I had so much fun!
I found the music of Dan Zanes and Friends to be so rich in sound, educational and uplifting. It is a complete misconception to think that they are solely children entertainers. Their multicultural sound, style and music is meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages - and it is!
I loved the sounds of the various musical instruments, such as the guitar, violin, cello, harmonica, banjo, drums, and others that I do not know by name. They sang in various languages and each song was an invitation to get up from your seat and dance. Being a visual person, I also liked their artsy wardrobe, hair, and the way all five band members shined on stage doing what they love. They are high quality entertainers, and being able to see them in the beautiful and intimate setting that the McCallum provides, was a real treat.

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