Wednesday, February 6, 2013

iPad Mini case, Created with Prismacolor markers

I love the set of Prismacolor markers that Mr. Perez gave me for my birthday last October. Every Friday night my daughter and I have art night, where we put away all our hand-held electronic devices and enjoy an evening of art and creativity the old fashioned way while watching a movie.
It's my first time using high-quality markers, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Once I started experimenting with them, I realized it feels a lot like painting. My favorite part is how the colors blend so nicely with no hard edges. I'm not even close to becoming an expert, but practice makes perfect, and I hope to get a lot of practice in the coming year.
One thing I do recommend if you are looking to buy these markers, is buying a pad of marker paper. I use a Canson Marker paper pad. It's surprisingly thin paper, yet the colors don't bleed through. If you use other cotton-based papers, you'll find that the paper absorbs too much of the ink from your markers, and the color will bleed through the paper, ruining the sheet underneath.

Below is one of the first pieces I created using my markers. I've uploaded the design to my shop and created an iPad case with it. I'll be sharing more of my illustrations soon.

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