Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"El Chavo del Ocho" Birthday Cake

My amazingly talented high school BFF made this fabulous fondant cake last weekend for a kid's birthday party. If you grew up in, or around, a Latino community you'll quickly recognize this face from the popular Mexican sitcom "El Chavo del 8" (chavo means kid in Spanish). All the children in the show were played by adults, and Chavo (shown below) was the main character, a mischievous 8 year old orphan, who frequently hid in a barrel that sat in the patio of the apartment complex they lived in. The show featured family-oriented humor, depicting odd and funny situations the neighborhood kids got themselves into.

About my friend, now. She's been saying for the past year or so that she won't be baking anymore. "It's too much work" "I love it, but I don't like washing the dishes when I'm done" and "This is the last one..." Thank goodness she only says that in between gigs. Ha, ha! She's self-taught and so very talented. It would be sin a to keep all that talent to herself, right?

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Brizeyda Vazquez said...

Hey how much would you charge to make a cake like that... you got talent

Ms. Dio said...

Beautiful cake isn't it? Made by one of my friends. She just bakes for fun though, her cakes are not available for purchase.