Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hooray for Owl Doodles, Prints, and Patterns

Owls and owl doodles, aren't they the cutest thing ever? They're so much fun to draw, fun to look at and fun to wear. And now they're also fun to eat. Owl fondant cake, anyone? Yes please!
Food, Cake and Styling: Sweet Sugar Treats
Photo: Nomie Boutique Stationery
I find myself swooning over this gorgeous owl cake I stumbled upon over at the Amy Atlas blog. Isn't it beautiful? Makes me wish my little girl was still a preschooler so I could plan her next birthday party to have an owl theme. She'll be nine this summer. She wants bigger things now, like going to water parks, steak dinners and vacations in Hawaii. Ha! She's quite a dreamer with an adventurous heart.

But going back to the "owl" subject, let me also share with you the lovely pattern on my impulse purchase of the week...

I picked up this adorable owl doodle notebook (yay!) on clearance (double yay!) at Target the other night. It now livens up my work space, in the otherwise very beige office I share with my boss. He's very clean and masculine as far as decor goes, so we keep the office clear and neutral. However, during work hours, my desk usually displays several splashes of color starting with the red Etch A Sketch I keep near my computer, color gel pens, a pink binder where I keep my reference sheets, and now this piece of functional art that inspires and ignites my creativity with just a glance.

Any more owl fans out there?

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