Thursday, January 30, 2014

From Doodle to Digital Illustration

Earlier this week, I was buried in invoices and non-creative tasks that come with the "Graphic Designer / Marketing Assistant" position I hold with my current employer. I had to take a break, so I scooted my chair away from the computer, took out my favorite Sharpie pen, a few highlighters, and began to draw. Within 5 minutes my little clown doodle was born. I thought she was cute, so I spent an hour or so recreating it in digital format late last night. She looks much cleaner and so much more refined. I have a few other circus icons that I've been working on since the weekend. The challenge begins next week when I figure out how to place them all together to create a nursery circus scene. Wish me luck!

Juggling Clown Illustration by Dio Perez

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