Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Living Without Internet

It's been a few weeks since my last post. I moved recently and you know how that goes, adjusting to a new routine. Another big adjustment is living without internet or cable. Now, cable I don't miss, but internet...well I'm a bit undecided on that one. It's definitely a distraction, but it's also very convenient to have recipes, directions, weather and all other information available right at your fingertips. I do have internet on my phone, but it's been acting up. Might as well have dial-up on the darn thing, it would probably be faster.
But I have to say, aside from falling behind on Facebook and blog posts, life without internet at home has allowed me to separate work from my home life and to remain focused on my family while I'm at home. I do have access to wifi while I'm at work and at my mom's. I swing by her house every day to pick up my daughter when I get off work, so I'm not completely unplugged. I'm just a bit more "scheduled" when it comes to internet usage at the time being. And it's not bad for the time being.
On another note, I finally had a chance to change my winter Facebook header. I created something a bit more springy, but I didn't want it to expire soon, so I didn't make any reference to the season. I admit I could have polished it up a bit more, but given my current situation (adjusting to the move, limited internet access), I thought I'd go ahead and post it before summer came around and the old, dated winter greeting on my header remained. 

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kikssimplelife said...

It must have been very hard without the internet! Cable I can live without but internet? :)

Dio Perez said...

@Kikssimplelife Yes, it was hard! I lasted only two weeks, then I upgraded my phone and added my tablet to my wireless plan. Still deciding if we want cable & internet at home, but for now internet access via our phones & table seems to be enough. =)