Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Doodle Enclosures for My Medical Bills

I've had a couple of medical bills on my desk I had been avoiding since the beginning of the week. I finally decided to tackle them today before the mail man arrived. I glanced over them and thought "Blagh! I'd much rather be using this money to..." then I paused. The bill I was looking at was from my dentist. I actually happen to like my dentist and my smile. Thanks to him, I still have a nice set of pearly whites...a few fillings, a couple of root canals and crowns, but I still have all my teeth and for that, I am very thankful. I noticed how my energy shifted by looking at things positively, and I felt inclined to share the joy. Instead feeling resistant, I was now feeling grateful and creative so I decided to include a little doodle with my payment to brighten their day.

I used a sheet of yellow paper that I found on my desk, cut it in half and began to doodle. Once I was done, (I snapped a picture of course) I folded it in thirds, placed the check in the center, folded the flaps inwards, and enclosed it in an envelope along with the invoice. I did the same for the second bill from the radiologist.
I'm sure it'll surprise whoever processes the payments. I mean, how often do people include little notes of joy with their payables? Not many, I would think. I hope my little dose of positive energy makes them smile, the same way I smiled when I realized how blessed I am to have the money to care for my health, and how blessed I am to have a dental provider like Dr. Moya and his very caring staff.

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