Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Working With Crayons

I've been especially obsessed with new marking tools lately. I've been buying pens like there's no tomorrow. I guess it keeps me excited about drawing, but one thing I've learned is that no matter how pricy or inexpensive your marking tools are, you can create beautiful art with just about anything.
Earlier in the year, we were packing up to move when I came across a basket full of my daughter's broken crayons. I really hate being wasteful, so in order to justify keeping them, I decided to use them in my sketchbook. Here's a peek of one my favorite pieces.
Working with Crayons in my sketchbook
First I doodled a bunch of flowers in the background. Then, still using crayons, I drew shapes on different color pieces of card stock, cut out the shapes, assembled them into the shape of a fairy and attached them onto my floral background using a glue stick. Last, I added the lettering above the fairy. Turned out cute! I think this would make a nice piece to frame and display in a little girl's bedroom. Too bad my daughter is running out of wall space in her room.

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