Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Glasses - Yay!

I wore contact lenses for many years, but about 4 years ago I started wearing them less and less, until eventually, I just didn't wear them anymore. I am nearsighted, and since I work on the computer 8 hrs a day, I had to wear reader glasses to cancel the prescription on my contacts, otherwise I'd end up with a headache at the end of the day. Now that was just silly, so instead, I started not wearing my contacts, and putting on my glasses for distance once I stepped away from the computer. I liked this system much more, especially when I noticed the savings in time and money. I didn't have to spend those extra minutes putting them on and taking them off in the mornings and at night, cleaning them, and I didn't have to spend as much money on contact solution and eye drops anymore - sweet! 
The only downfall, I live in the southern California desert and I don't have prescription sunglasses. Well, I didn't until now that I picked up my new pair of transition glasses - and I'm loving them! Nice and clear indoors and they transition to a darker shade when I step outside into the sunlight. Yayeah! Summer fun, I'm ready for you now!

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