Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gifts for Grandma

Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to announce that I have new business partner! Her name is Andria and she is the creative force behind "Fancydoodles". She is my 6 year old daughter who has been asking me for a couple of years now to sell her artwork on my website over at I'd kindly decline and she'd pout asking "why do YOU get to sell your art?" so I finally decided to scan some of her work and give her one of my on-line galleries. She has actually created a lot of cute stuff over the years, so it'll be fun to sort what I can and cannot use. I actually added several items to the shop over the weekend.
Featured above is one of my favorites, the Grandma Collection. It includes a mousepad, postcards, crafting labels and more!
She's so happy, and I have really enjoyed the mother-daughter collaboration. Looks like this is the beginning of our new "thing" together.

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