Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho! Here comes Santa Paws!

So what did Mr. Perez get for his birthday this year? He got beat by me at the Santa Paws 5k run in Palm Springs. Yup, he turned 39 this Saturday, and as a birthday gift I registered us to run this race. Isn't a little friendly competition in our finest Santa attire just about everybody's birthday dream come true? Ha, ha! It was all for a good cause too. The funds raised were to benefit Guide Dogs of the Desert, and I'm all for supporting our local charities.
You know, I was always more of an aerobics, Zumba and free weights kinda girl. It wasn't until earlier this year that I discovered my love for running. Yes, what once seemed like torture to me is now one of the biggest "rewards" I can give myself after a long day (or week) of work.

I am by no means a fast runner, but I'm happy to see that my time has improved since the first 5k I ran earlier this year, as you can see below:
  • May, 5k Run for Ike, 38 mins, 27 secs
  • Nov., 5k Turkey Trot, 37 mins, 20 secs
  • Dec., Santa Paws 5k, 35 mins , 41 secs
I shaved off almost 3 minutes since my first 5k run in May - yay! This last 5k was my most favorite run so far. The Santa suits made it fun. It was eye candy for my color-loving designer eyes, the weather and scenery were perfect, and I was well rested which allowed me to run the whole thing non-stop at a consistent pace.
To be fair, Mr. Perez did beat my time when we ran the Turkey Trot a month prior. I think he did it in 34 mins, but this is my blog. He can gloat in his own blog if he ever gets one. Hee, hee.

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Happy Birthday to all the December babies and Merry Christmas to all.

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