Monday, January 28, 2013

"Bird and Nest" Illustration and Baby Shower Invitations

So I finally did it. I bought an iPad 4 and I love it! So glad I waited. I had been wanting a Wacom tablet for a while, but despite all my research online, I just couldn't decide on a model. After discovering an app called Adobe Ideas, I used it on my iPod Touch for a few weeks - I was hooked! I was able to draw much faster on my iPod than I ever could using Adobe Illustrator with a mouse on my PC, and I was able to e-mail the vector images to myself and further edit them in Illustrator or PhotoShop if needed. The only problem? The screen on my iPod Touch is a bit small. It's fun to use, but too small to add any details to my drawings. That's when I decided to upgrade to an iPad, figuring I would get more use out of it than a Wacom tablet. I've had my iPad for less than a week now, and I've already added a few new illustrations to my shop, the one below being one of them.
I created my "Bird with Nest" baby shower design in Paper 53. So far Paper 53 and Adobe Ideas are the only two drawing apps I've used. Do you have a favorite drawing app? If so, which one is it?

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