Monday, February 25, 2013

Food, Art, Carnival Rides and Family Time

I spent some time at the Date Festival this weekend. I went kid-less on Friday night so I could have a chance to enjoy the art exhibits without being rushed by an eager child seeking to be shaken, spun, and nauseated by carnival rides. My favorite thing about going to the fair has always been the food and the Junior Art Exhibit. I find kids artwork to be so full of life and pure in expression. Below is a glimpse of some of the pieces that were on display.

Carnival rides are not exactly my favorite activity at the fair, but I succumbed to peer pressure and joined my daughter on Saturday afternoon. I was done by the second ride, and I spent the rest of our time there taking photos like the one below, experimenting with different angles and perspectives.

A day at the fair wouldn't be complete without funnel cake - my favorite! I had my cake first thing Friday night, and per a friend's recommendation, I tried a maple bacon donut on Saturday afternoon when I returned to the fair with my daughter. It was pretty good actually, but it's not something I "must have" next time I go. Mainly because I try not to over do it with the treats. If I'm going to allow myself something sweet and high in calories, the funnel cake would be more pleasing to my taste buds over the bacon donut. 

It was definitely a fun couple of days followed by a birthday dinner for my dad's 59th birthday. We had a great conversation with the old man. It touched my heart and made me believe in miracles once again. My dad, the life of the party for many years, the one who has been a rebel all his life in many ways, surprised me with some profound words of wisdom, love and expression this weekend. He spoke in a way that only a man of faith can do. Happy birthday dad. I love you.

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