Thursday, May 2, 2013

Custom Doodle Requests

I've been posting some of my random doodles on my Facebook page recently, but yesterday I did something a little different. I asked my followers if anyone had any doodle requests, and to my delight, they did! I will be working on those requests through next week, in no specific order.

Today's custom doodle is titled "Julian." I've only seen Julian twice, both times for only a few minutes. Once as a toddler, and once not that long ago. Julian is about...10-ish maybe? I worked with his dad years ago (before Julian was born), a funny guy and an awesome illustrator himself. When he requested that I created a doodle of his son, I got a little nervous. I mean, this guy can REALLY draw. I aspire to be able to draw like him one day, and he's asking little ol' me to create a doodle of his precious boy?

Well, I was up for the challenge, and I hope not to disappoint! For extra fun, I added some lettering to the illustration to make it a bit humorous. After all, my work is always created with the intention to delight and make you smile.

Do you have a custom request? Follow me on Facebook! I will be accepting doodle requests soon again.

1 comment :

mrperez said...

I've always LOVED your doodles! There's something about the female perspective that translates well into your creative designs that attracts the eye.
Love to see your designs and most importantly:
Love and cherish your friendship forever!!!

Happy belated Mother's Day and more continued success in the future!