Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to La Chupitos #2

Last Halloween, one of my cousins gave us a good laugh when she showed up dressed as "La Chupitos" for our family Halloween party. La Chupitos is a Mexican comedienne whose character is unkept, drunk, toothless and funny.
Seeing my beautiful cousin (who never leaves the house looking her best), show up as the complete opposite of what she is, was just hilarious! She made such an impression that I really don't think she'll ever outlive the "Chupitos" image. Just ask my aunts and uncles. They hardly ever call her by real name anymore.
So in honor of her 30th birthday, and per her sister's request, I created the Chupitos illustration below. This is supposed to be my cousin, in costume, yelling out her husband's name, letting him know she's ready to celebrate her bit 3-0.
Happy birthday, Michelle! Love you lots!

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