Monday, August 5, 2013

I love my NutriBullet!

Today's Doodle Of The Day prompt was "household item." Many things came into mind, like lamps, toaster, couch, but by far, my favorite household item is the NutriBullet!

In 2010 I purchased a GNC personal blender – BEST $20 investment I made up until then. I used it an average of 3 times a week and it still works great. It did a great job with bananas, berries and spinach, but didn't work so well with nuts, celery and most veggies. I would usually end up chewing some of the ingredients in my smoothie, which I didn't mind.

Then, last Christmas I received a NutriBullet and there's no turning back!
Why I love my NutriBullet
  • More"chopping power" than my personal blender. The NutriBullet, leaves you with a drink that is smooth and more consistent in texture, regardless of the ingredients. Your drink won't be as thin as what comes out of a juicer, it will be a bit thicker, but not clumpy, as what would come out of a blender. If you like your drink to be thinner, just add more water or milk. I use coconut or almond milk in my smoothies sometimes.
  • Quick Cleanup: One of things that turned me off about my Jack Lalanne juicer, was that it would take up to an hour to get a couple of glasses of juice. By the time you cut up your ingredients, juice, and clean the darn thing, a whole 45 minutes to an hour had gone by. With my NutriBullet,  I can get a nutritious meal (or snack) AND cleanup all done in 5-10 minutes. Can't beat that!
  • Clean up only takes about 2 minutes! I simply rinse and add a bit of water to the empty cup, add drop of soap, put on the blade and blend for a few seconds. Then remove the cup and blade, rinse with warm water, and you're done!
  • It makes it so much easier to incorporate a variety fruits and veggies into your diet.
  • I waste less produce, which saves me lots of money! If I see my bananas are getting too ripe, or spinach is starting to wilt, I freeze them (or any other fruits/veggies before they go bad) in small sandwich bags. Then, when I'm ready to use them, I simply pull them from the freezer. I get a nice cold smoothie every time, without having to add ice cubes.
  • It helps me maintain my weight. Instead of snacking on chips or cookies, I make a smoothie. Less calories and much healthier. 
  • I feel healthier and more energized. 
These are just a few reasons. If you're considering buying one, I say do it! Just be careful not to fill over the max line or it might leak. It's common sense, though. You need to leave a bit of room in there for everything to move around and mix. I've had mine for almost a year, and I've only made it leak 2 times. Both times it was my fault for overfilling the cup. 

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Ms. Dio said...

I'm so sorry Emina, I wouldn't know where you can get one in Paris. I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond here in the U.S. Amazon or Ebay would be the other places I would check online. Good luck with your search.