Monday, December 2, 2013

At The Office: It's a Numbers Kind of Day

Ahhh, numbers. I normally don't mind them as long as they work in my favor. Ha! Well, I was at work today where I spent several hours breaking down our monthly newspaper advertising invoice, logging onto a spreadsheet what we advertised in each ad. Once I verify every charge, my manager approves a check request which we submit to accounting, vendors get paid and everyone is happy. This afternoon was a little different, though. Perhaps our local newspaper tried sneaking up an extra charge on us? Nope. Everything on my records coincided with everything we were being charged for, except a for a mysterious amount that appeared as past due. After triple checking my work and playing detective, it became necessary to request help from our accounting department. I made copies of the paperwork and my records, added some notes and flags, and or course, some doodles as well. 

I hope the Desert Sun doesn't take offense to the T-Shirt my doodle character is wearing. They don't stink...their invoices do. ;)
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