Monday, November 29, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Craft Party

The holidays are all about good times with friends and family, and this past Thanksgiving weekend was no exception. I am very thankful for the amazing year that 2010 has been, filled with blessings, family fun, growth and many surprises. There is so much to be thankful for, that a one-time gathering on Thanksgiving Day was just not enough of a celebration for our multiple blessings. So, while everybody shopped for Black Friday deals, I stayed home to clean and prepare my home to welcome my guests for a Saturday afternoon craft party.

The idea of this party was just to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, just us girls, while sipping whine and munching on delicious treats, tackling some fun holiday crafts. It was actually a productive day, but we had so much fun, it didn't even feel like we were working.
My sister, for instance, was able to complete all of her Christmas cards at the party. One of my cousins who was headed to a birthday party after our get-together, was also able to create a card for the occasion. They all left with multiple creations consisting of handcrafted money holders, greeting cards and gift tags. I didn't have much time to craft, as I basically ran back and forth between the craft table and my office bringing out materials for them to use, and I took lots of pictures with my new Olympus E-PL1 camera, which I love! I was very pleased and inspired by their creations, that after they left, I didn't even bother cleaning up right away. I left out the supplies and crafted for about an hour or so myself, before going to bed.

All of the supplies I provided, with the exception of the embellishments (stickers, rhinestones, etc), were left over materials from previous custom invitations orders I had worked on in the last 5 years. I never threw out any scraps, knowing that the smallest piece of paper holds a valuable place in a new design, no matter how big or small. The evidence lies in the image below, where you can see some of the beautiful designs that were created by combining different colors and textured card stocks.
Cheers! To a fun and relaxing Saturday afternoon, in good company!

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Old To New said...

That look like it was so much fun!!

Corina said...

Love the idea of a craft party, looks like a great time!